The show revolves around a set of triplets named Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha. They all happen to be in the same class with a newbie teacher who is probably in for the surprise of his life. These three girls do not make life easy on him. Right from the beginning you can see the type of torture that will befall him. For the most part, the girls have good intentions but the methods of obtaining those goals may not be the best way of going about it.

The girls are obviously the main focus of the show. Each of the Marui sisters are very unique and create some very funny situations. Mitsuba is the oldest (by minutes since they’re triplets) and seems to be the most mature and pretty sadistic. Futaba is the middle child and the oddest of the bunch. She’s very perverted, obsessed with her favorite word “boobies”, not just hearing about them, seeing them, feeling them or something that looks like one, drawing them, etc. She is also strong as a full grown man and athletic. Futaba can be very sweet at times too but she is not too bright, a lot of times her face is drawn in a way that makes her looks like she has “mental issues”. Then there’s Hitoha, the youngest and most awkward. She’s very shy and gives off a creepy aura though she does have a very gentle nature about her. It’s when you push her that she might actually be the most perverse, sadistic and strongest of the trio.

There’s also the girls’ sketchy father who is actually drawn sketchy. He always gets arrested or has cops after him even though he hasn’t done anything. While I no longer hold any respect for that profession it is pretty funny as an anime situation…not funny in real life at all. Their teacher who is a newbie and he’s the recipient of most of the girl’s abuse. Then there is also the clumsy nurse who the girls try to hook him up with in some odd ways. All the characters have unique personalities and are memorable. They did a very good job with the characters.

The beginning of episode 11 has to be one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve seen in a while. It’s not really THAT funny but it’s so silly and ridiculous. A lot of the show is like that though, it is a gag comedy style show but extended length unlike Ai Mai Mi and other short ones. I guess I’d compare the show more to NichijouKill Me Baby and Place to Place where you have gag comedy BUT it’s longer in length. It runs your average 22 minutes or so and scenes are broken down to random lengths, some may be 2 minutes scenes and others are like 10 minutes.

Production value on the show is pretty average. There’s no slick art or anything like that since it’s just a gag comedy show but they didn’t make it the usual bishoujo style with tall and skinny designs, it’s a Puni Plush style with softer curves like Hen Zemi. The softer style does tend to make characters look somewhat younger and some to look a lot more realistic. You can see there is a bit of K-On! in the show too and I really mean “a bit”. One girl in the class has the massive eyebrows. They did give the show a strong opening song which fits the show almost perfectly. There are a few different endings to the show which don’t really stand out but you will notice them.

This was a show that really surprised me because I expected it to be more tame. It’s funny, lots of innuendo, it’s what you would really expect from a bunch of teenage kids except for a few things which probably push the pervert button. Mitsudome does have a 2nd season if you can call it that, it’s only 8 episodes long. The first season does end on a ‘WTF, there better be more’ moment but that’s okay since there is more. If you’re looking for a gag comedy that’s actually funny then check it out.


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