Dodge Battle High to Kickstarter?

So I’m getting a lot of writing done lately and I think it may be close to time to get a Kickstarter prepped and ready. I have to figure out the rewards and all that but what would people want for an unproven commodity? Bookmarks? Stickers? Extra art? I figure those would be included but what about figures or something? Have to have a plan and execute the plan to perfection.

I did want to include an anthology type thing but the first person I approached didn’t even get back to me. There are a few others I thought of asking but after that first one I may scrap the idea. I figured it was a chance for people to have their stuff printed and have something thy can show off or say “look I’m published”. Maybe I was wrong though…

Also debating if I should have some art done that’s just so people can read some of the content but it’s not finished art, something where I can post like 5 pages a week on a separate site (probably here), then have finished art on the Kickstarter page so people get a taste of the finished product.  The artist I picked does all digital though so there won’t be sketches and all that to post.

I really just want this to go off without a hitch the first time and not have to try again. Plus it would show that there are people out there who want the book. Would hate to do all this work and then no one wants it but the people who have read the script so far have said they liked it. They could be lying but I hope not.

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