Work is so much…work.

So I get this job to tile a kitchen and hallway. As things progressed, he adds 2 bathrooms and a 1/2 bath. So the 4 day job becomes 2 weeks. While this was going on, the house was on the market but the guy wasn’t expecting it to sell. Out of the blue his realtor calls and says he has someone who wants to see the house. We’re working on the premise that the house isn’t going to sell but then guess what happened? The person who came loved my tilework and now an offer is coming and it may be one that the guy considers.

He’s planning to buy a foreclosure that needs work and wants to use me for that too since he can trust me with his house, keys, credit cards, dog and all that. It helps to be a trustworthy contractor.

Looks like this week I get to do some mechanic stuff since I want to change out parts on my Expedition, some manga writing so I can get this Kickstarter thing going, work on Astra Etherium a bit, finish some blog entries I drafted up, keep plotting to take over the world…the usual.

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