Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle)

Riddle Story of Devil is a classroom assassination type show which takes place at Myoujou Academy, a private girls school. 13 girls are transferred into the school’s 10th year Class Black. Of the 13 girls there are 12 assassins and one who is a target. If one of the 12 assassins kills the target then they are granted a wish, whatever it may be. If they fail then they’re expelled from Class Black. One of the assassins, Tokaku Azuma start to develop feelings for the target, Haru Ichinose and becomes her protector which changes things to an 11 on 2 situation. This makes for an interesting turn of events.

Assassins and classrooms seem to make for some really good shows, at least I think so anyway. The one thing that brings it all together though is the characters. This show has a nice array of characters. The two leads are just about perfect in Japanese and English. Tokaku is a calm, collected character who kind of plays the “male” in this duo and also the show really. Everything you expect from a male lead is seen in her. Haru is an incredibly sweet, cheery and bright character who’s so sugary sweet she can make your teeth rot. They’re just about the perfect pairing. The other characters are somewhat memorable but besides the mains, they don’t get a lot of time on screen except for Nio. Nio is sort of like the proctor of the whole thing so she’s always present for everything that occurs. Even though her part is kind of small, you’ll remember her. There is one character that bothers me and it’s the same character type in Danganronpa. A female with an alter ego that’s “crazy” and that “crazy” part is the one I’m calling unlikeable. You can go “crazy” without the voice and everything turning into an extreme opposite. That’s just my opinion, you may think differently.

The production value and everything about this show are very good. Whether you watch in English or Japanese. I prefer the English version by a longshot. Just seems like they got the perfect voices for the characters which is hard to do in any case. You have to get the tone, the mood and all that, just right and they really pull it off here. I know the weirdos who think  it has to be in Japanese are cringing right now but that’s their problem when most of them aren’t even Japanese so what does it matter if it’s dubbed or subbed? The only thing that should ever matter is if it was done well or not. Period. People who speak English should have zero problem with a dub. Enough of that rant.

I’m sure people are wondering about the Yuri tag. It’s not predatory yuri like Cross Ange or even the soft, sweet yuri of Sakura Trick. It’s just the relationships between the girls and the cast is just about all female. There are some moments like holding hands and things like that but nothing too overt. I’m trying to think of a show which I can compare it to but can’t think of one at the moment. Just know that the show is not about that type of stuff, they just have some strong relations.

I like this one. I guess I just like the classroom assassin motif. This show reminds me a lot of Danganronpa more than Assassination Classroom though there is the same objective of killing one versus killing all the others. I enjoyed this show much more with the dub, especially Tokaku and Haru. If my manga (when it’s finished) ever gets an adaptation then I want those 2 as part of my cast, they would fit 2 of my characters perfectly. I like the rest of the cast too but for Morgan Berry it was her first lead role and I think she nailed it. It’s like I already have my manga adapted already and I’m picking out the cast, I might need to slow down. But check out Riddle Story of Devi, especially if you’re a fan of the classroom shows.


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