Dodge Battle High Characters

I know I said I wanted to do a Kickstarter in November but work came and then laptop issues that stopped me from being able to write and on and on and on. But I do have someone on Deviantart who has been doing some character art for me. They may or may not be the final look of the characters but it’s something to go on. He also did the main character of my 2nd game Borne by Blood.

The main characters aren’t done yet though. I held off on them but these are a few of the other characters. I’m not going to give too much background info on them yet. I want to wait until closer to the Kickstarter. Aoi, Akihiro and Hoshiko aren’t done but I have an idea which way they’re going.

This is Kazue, Akihiro’s older sister.

These are Chideko and Yuno, a brother and sister who will play major roles in the beginning.

Technically this is Aoi but she’s getting a bit of a change.

These are Akihiro’s little twin brother and sister Akira and Akiko

There are some other random art pieces done by others on Deviantart too which I will post at a later date.

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