Seitokai Yakuindomo

The show is about Takatoshi Tsuda and his first year at the newly gender integrated school. Due to declining birth rates, Osai Academy is converted from an all girls school to a co-ed school. On his first day, Takatoshi ends up getting recruited for the student council and his life will never be the same. The girls of the student council are definitely ‘unique’ to put it lightly.

The first season goes mostly through Takatoshi learning about the school and his interactions with the other council members. This is a rapid fire show kind of like Chronicles of the Going Home Club or Teekyu but not as fast as those seem to be, definitely not as fast as Teekyu. It’s a regular 22 minute show (OVAs are longer) with the show split into several segments, probably about 2-3 minutes each for the segments, some longer, some shorter. Be forewarned that there are a LOT of insertion jokes. A LOT. Before the opening song there is usually this rule thing that they do. They do miss it for a few episodes but it’s an intro where Shino announces some ‘rule’ which is usually more innuendo and Takatoshi does his straight man thing. You’ll hear a whistle and drums beating then she announces the rule. But it may not be the first joke of the show since there are lead ins. Just something that I figured I’d point out since it is probably the only constant in the show.

The OVAs for the 1st season are more of an introduction to new characters and friends. Takatoshi’s little sister enters their school as a freshman and it’s an introduction to her zaniness, friend and friends of the student council while providing more off the wall humor and innuendo. This show does have 2 seasons and several OVAs. The way that anime is these days, it’s basically 4 seasons because of all the OVAs.

The characters are a collection of oddballs and weirdos. Shino is a sadist by nature it seems. She always has something sex related to say about every situation and I mean EVERY situation. She is the main catalyst for a lot of the innuendo in the show. She is aso the student council president. Suzu is so short you get things like “Suzu’s around here” with an arrow pointing down to her approximate location on the screen when she’s standing next to the others and they’re doing a headshot. She’s highly intellectual and has a lot of positive traits but she’s a runt and gets mistaken for a kid all the time which sets her off. She is also the secondary straight man for Takatoshi and they both recognize their position. Aria is a sweet, caring rich girl who is very bad with jokes, her jokes go over like a lead balloon but when she’s with Shino they seem to have some cohesion, Shino may be the only one who understands Aria. Takatoshi’s sister adds to the innuendo and for her it seems to be more of an innocence of youth. I could keep adding to the character list but they are all quirky as hell and it’s just a perfect combination of joke, straight man with secondaries.

This show is very similar to SHIMONETA in the way of using innuendo for humor and while it’s less crude, it’s still way over the top and it’s constant. Seitokai Yakuindomo is constant, rapid fire humor. If you just want a show that would be considered ‘raunchy’ adult humor then this is the one for you. I wouldn’t sit and watch it from beginning to end in one sitting and the reason I say that is this type of gag humor could probably get repetitive if watched like that. There are 2 seasons but maybe watch one season at a time, not all of it together. Will talk about season 2 a little later.


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