What is Cupid’s Chocolate?

Cupid’s Chocolate is a show out of China. I discovered it while cruising sites, looking for animation houses in countries other than Japan. I’ve been doing research so that I know costs in the future if I can take my manga further than a book. Better to know what you’re in for ahead of time than to wait for the last minute. Yes, if it comes down to it, I’ll do it myself…somehow.

Anyway, this show was one I expected very little from since you always hear that stuff out of China is not high quality. Well the quality on this one is actually pretty damned good. It’s about a high school boy who unknowingly shared “Cupid’s Chocolate” with a few girls at his school. What he didn’t know is that the chocolate will make them all think they’re in love with him. The show actually takes place after the chocolate so you don’t get to see that part. Now he has a harem of girls who all think they love him because the effects of the chocolate. His actions can break the curse or cause the curse to manifest even stronger. It’s a typical harem really but you get time spent on each character for development.

The show runs about 12 minutes an episode and they’re up to episode 12 now. Not sure how long the show runs but they’re going past 12 for sure. Check it out if you can find it.


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