Tonari no Seki-kun the Master of Killing Time (My Neighbor Seki-kun)

Tonari no Seki-kun is a short show coming in at about 7 minutes per episode. The premise of the show is about two students Rumi and Seki. Seki is always doing something that is not classwork and Rumi is “trying” to study and pay attention but gets sucked into Seki’s world. Even in the cover shot you see Seki building a volcano. While Seki is doing all these things, Rumi is watching and not paying attention.

Most of the show is Rumi narrating and over-dramatizing whatever Seki is doing. He plays Go, Shogi, brings in robots and other things. What you get in the show is basically Tonari’s inner monologue though once in a while they do interact and she gets involved in his antics. Episodes 7 and 8 sees strong interaction between the two and it’s pretty funny. But when Rumi does get involved Seki kind of goes into his shell or doesn’t seem to understand her joining in and he goes in reverse. Once in a while there are other characters involved too so it’s not just Seki and Rumi but like with Rumi, there are a lot of misunderstandings.

There are over 20 episodes and in one sitting it can get overwhelming because you know the basic premise. Break it up into smaller binges and you’re golden but if you want to go at it all in one shot, it can get to be a bit much. The dub is stronger than the sub but that may be more of a language difference than anything. The sub seems dry. You’ll definitely get a few laughs out of this one. Though I wonder if I like this so much because I was Seki. I was always drawing in class and people would want to know what I’m drawing.


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