D-Frag! (Dīfuragu!)

In the genre of school comedies you have some that focus on school and some that focus on the club side. D-Frag is one of the ones that take the club side and take it up a notch.

A “delinquent” named Kenji is forcibly recruited into the Games Club and I mean forcibly. When he joins the club he meets some awkward girls who are the other members of the club. Kenji is needed so that the club isn’t disbanded. The girls of the club all have some “element”. Water, fire, earth, etc. and they’re dead serious about them too. As the show goes on the club gets into battles with other clubs over some form of supremacy. The show is almost all comedy and battles so it’s always moving.

In terms of school comedies, the show doesn’t break new ground. The art, music and everything around the show are pretty much standard fare. The show has rapid fire gag after gag and most hit the mark but some do fall flat. You can’t make someone laugh ALL the time right? The intro music does make it seem like it may be a fighting type anime and it’s actually very fitting once you get into the show.

D-Frag! is one of the funnier ones in the genre. If you watch the dub, it’s a bit more modern than the sub but that’s kind of a given anyway since they try to “Americanize” things.



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