Furumapura is another manga by Cool Kyoushinsha. (Yes I like his work dammit)

It’s a simple 4 koma about high school girls who meet by chance. Kyou is a loud, overbearing kind of girl who seems to have an Irish accent or probably British since they love the Brits but it seems more Irish to me (at least that’s how the English version I read, made it seem). While Makoto is a quiet girl who uses signs to talk but it’s not with words. These signs are numbered 1-10 as if it was a rating system. Kyou has to figure out what the numbers mean and she pretty much carries the book since Makoto does not talk at all, just uses the signs.

Along the way they meet Shiori (She is actually like Shuri from Komori Can’t Decline, same build and everything with the large breasts and taller than almost everyone). Actually as I type this, they are almost the same. There is another character or two who comes along and become regular characters but the main focus is Kyou and Makoto with a bit of Shiori.

It’s only up to Chapter 9 but it’s a fun little school life type manga. The relationships build and get stronger as time goes by but so far Makoto has not talked. Wonder if that’s going to be the big finish. I really like this one.


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