Girl Meets Bear (Kumamiko)

I was not planning to watch this show but one day I was sitting at home and caught up on all my shows for the season so I decided to see what this was about.

Would you think a bear would know about the outside world? Well Machi does. Machi is a young shrine maiden who has lived her whole life in the mountains and knows nothing about the city except that she wants to go to school there and some day be a part of it. For her knowledge of the city, she relies on Natsu, her talking guardian bear who has been with her since she was a baby. Natsu does have some knowledge and can even use technology. Can Machi survive Natsu’s city tests to see if she deserves a chance to go to school in the city? Kumamiko is pretty average in terms of production and that was expected. Well from my viewpoint anyway. In Japan they may have expected big time ratings since there are so many of these soft shows lately. There is one aspect that was just too out there…Machi has an older cousin who ends up looking like a sick pervert. It’s only 2 or 3 scenes but the show could have done without them.

The show is aight. It’s a typical country bumpkin trying to be a city girl type of show and I would say it’s probably not too far off except they added a bear and it’s more traditional than a modern day bumpkin. If you want one of those relaxed shows with a bit of comedy then this might be your show.


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