Dog Gods! (Inukami!)

Inukami is a show I picked at random from a bunch of harem animes. I wanted something longer than 12 episodes and Inukami clocks in at 25 plus a “movie”. So it definitely fit the bill.

Keita and Youko are paired together through means which are discussed in the show. Keita is a perverted teenage shaman low on cash and Youko is a spirit bound by contract to each other. Keita is a nice change from the usual weak character but he has a lot to learn. Like any shaman and spirit, they have spirits to exorcise to get some cash and upgrade their lifestyle but along the way they have many adventures.

Inukami is one of the rare ones where all the girls get some airtime. Some get more than others of course and so does the main girl but it didn’t seem like you didn’t get to know any of the others. This is something that a lot of harems fail at. Look at To Love Ru. The first season was good but the rest started to fall off and focus on side characters instead of Lala and she’s his main girl/wife to be/waifu or whatever you want to call her.

I try not to say too much about shows that have some age because they just can’t compete with more recent shows in most cases. But the show won’t hurt your eyes or ears. The art can be off in some areas but harem shows don’t get the big budgets that others do.

There is something I want to note. The show is ecchi but probably not what you’re thinking. I’m just going to leave it at that. No Keita doesn’t go to school, trip over a girl and land with a hand on her breast.

To me this is a near perfect harem comedy with 26 episodes. It ranks up there with the first To LOVE Ru, Rosario x Vampire and Tenchi shows. The movie doesn’t live up to the standards of the show so I will leave that up to you. It’s just like an extra episode and I found it very passable.


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