Big Order (Biggu Ōdā)

Big Order was the first of the Spring 2016 season to end since it was only 10 episodes. At least the action kept moving so it wasn’t a show like Grimgar which seemed like it was going nowhere for the whole season.

The show is about a boy named Eiji who is blamed for the world destruction of the world 10 years earlier. Since Eiji is blamed for everything that has happened, everyone seems to be against him except his sister. Eiji has to try to survive in a world that wants him dead. Along the way he has to fight to stay alive and also keep his sister safe.

Production-wise the show is pretty good, not excellent but not poor either. The music and sound is okay too. The main problem with the show is it’s 10 episodes and they tried to ram too much into those 10 episodes. It jumped around way too much. The plot is pretty consistent because it’s everyone against Eiji but it doesn’t give you that one solid thing that lasts through the whole show.

To me, the Big Order was the Big Ordinary. It’s just okay, nothing more and nothing less. If you want an action show then this will fill that bill but don’t expect much from it.


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