Astra Etherium Beta v0.76 is partially released

Yep. I submitted the game for OUYA and at the same time that makes it available for Forge too. OUYA was ending submissions so I couldn’t wait until things were done and just had to go go go. Now I have the legacy of being the last game released on the OUYA so remember that for your future spot on Jeopardy. The members of OUYAForum were very helpful and pivotal to get things to where they are. They helped with art, voice acting, beta testing and more. There was no way I was letting that deadline go by without the game being available on OUYA with all the help I got from them.

Things aren’t where I want them to be just yet but we’re getting closer. When more of the finishing touches are in, it’ll be released on a broader scale. We’re going to start with the Android markets since we already have Androids that work and then move on to AppleTV, PC, Mac, Linux, etc. If it’ll be playable on a toaster then it’ll be on toasters too.

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