What I’m Watching Fall 2016

Well it’s that time again. I’ve been missing in action but I will start updating this thing again. Here’s what I’m watching, not watching and wishing I never saw. Feels weird without Funimation having shows though they are dubbing just about everything.

Flip Flappers. Annoyingly colorful and…..yeah that’s it. I might watch if nothing else is on but ugh…just annoying. Though episode 3 did introduce something that might make it somewhat watchable.

Drifters. I’m not sure what to think on this one yet but I’m watching it.

Soushin Shoujo Matoi. Just a regular magical girl show I guess. Not sure how else to describe here but there are exorcisms and what not. Nothing spectacular.

Lostorage Incited Wixoss. So far I’m not liking the new Wixoss.

Nanbaka. The description made it seem like something I wanted to see but the show is a bunch of sparkly guys prancing through jail not like Prison School where they were actually trying to escape. The humor is not there. I’m not expecting this show to get any better. May watch during that week after the season where you wait for the new season to start and that’s barely a maybe.

Shaknetsu no Takkyuu Musume. Ping pong has gotten a lot more…moe. The show seems okay and I think I’ll watch just to see what happens. The design is blah since all the girls are the same flat, straight up and down style that you see from background characters except one girl who even gets called “booby-senpai”. You would think that someone in Japan has heard of a bra.

Occultic; Nine. Big fan of Stein’s;Gate and Robotics; Notes, not so much on Chaos;Head So I was going to watch no matter what. Unfortunately it looks like they rammed a full 400 pages into the first episode. Like the other shows, the protagonist is unlikeable but in the others they changed and became likeable (Robotics; Notes is kind of reversed with the likeable main and unlikeable sidekick). He’s a pain. Like the others he has a sweet, goofy sidekick though they want people to think someone 100 lbs can have a chest like that? I laugh when people say “unrealistic” anytime a woman is not like flat or something. Realistic? Yes. Common? No. But she wouldn’t be 100 lbs for sure. They have her bouncing around all the time which eh…doesn’t bother me. Not like she is taking away from the show. If the show was only about that then it would be a problem. This show is only getting 12 episodes so like Chaos;Head it’ll probably be rushed and who knows on the quality but it looks so good except the noses.

Note: The production committee actually pulled the show but reconsidered. Guess they weren’t too happy either with that mishmash of an episode.

Gakuen Handsome. Yeah not watching the sparkles.

Trickster. Seems like a low rent Bungo Stray Dogs. Just seems “okay”. I’ll probably watch but not intently. It’s an Edogawa Ranpo source but remember Ranpo Kitan? Yeah I don’t want to remember that one either. That’s why I expect nothing in this adaptation. This show is slated for 24 episodes so I guess it does have time to get better.

Long Riders. A moe comedy about bike riding. So far it looks like they’ll bike, eat, bike some more. It’s eh…

All-Out. An anime about rugby and the guys don’t look like male strippers or sparkly wimps who never played a sport in their life. Like it so far.

Gundam Iron Blooded Season 2. Yep. Watching.

Dragon Ball Super. Once it got past Battle of the Gods (watch the movie instead) and Return of F (that was good), everything else got better and better. The current arc which has everyone talking with Black is great. Episode 61 may be the best episode of the Dragon Ball Super to this date and might end up being one of the best of the whole DB series.

Cheating Craft (Out of China). Not sure if I like it or not. May just watch anyway. A show about kids who try to cheat their way through school. Not traditional cheating though. Using tricks and powers.

To Be Hero (Out of China). This show lost me the first episode. Toilet humor is not my thing. There is a hero involved though.

WWW.Working. It’s okay. Not the same as the original but it has it’s moments. The characters are what made the first set of shows and this time the characters are not as solid.

Ajin Season 2. It has a slow start but heats up a few episodes in. Looks like it’ll be a good season for Ajin.

Haikyuu!! Season 3. I assume this is the last season with only 10 episodes. I want to watch this show from the beginning but for some reason I keep bypassing it. I swear I’ll get to it.

Keijo!!!!! Everyone knows the premise by now of women on water floats bumping each other with their butts or breasts. The guys working on the show tried to make it sound serious but come on. But I will say this. It reminds me of Ben-To! A ridiculous premise made into a sport and the secondary main looks a lot like the secondary main in Ben-To! I liked Ben-To! So I’m going to keep watching this for the ridiculous comedy.

Yuri On Ice. Bypassing. Ice skating? Not for me. Pictures I’ve seen make it seem yaoi-ish.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2. So far it seems like it’s all backstory. Not even sure there will be anything recent. 12 episodes and we’re already 4 in with nothing recent. I think I like this better than the first season which used a lot of goofy comedy.

Shuumatsu no Izetta. I like this one for some reason. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why but I like it. I guess it’s because I like historical type settings. Everything in the show is crisp and clean so far.

3 Gatsu no Lion. This is a show about a kid who becomes a pro shogi player so don’t expect excitement. It’s one of those slow slice of life shows. It’s okay but I watch it when I can. I don’t go running to see it.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda. Not watching. For starters it’s sparkly guys and that turns me away. Plus I’m not a fan of yaoi or proposed yaoi. It plays on a trope that needs to die really. Girl gets skinny and then people see her as hot. Then when she’s fat she has a dumb guy dopey voice which just really turns me off. Maybe if they didn’t make her so undesirable then it might be okay. But that’s my opinion.

Okusama ga Seitokaichou! Season 2. The show is very much like the first season. Lots of ecchi but this time there is more involvement from the side characters.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go. This is season 5 of this show and I haven’t seen any of it so maybe I’ll go back to it later.

Bloodivores. Seems like an okay show so far. Nothing outstanding but I’ll watch it.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku. This is a dark magical girl show. I’ve been watching these to see how far they take the darkness. I watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica because I kept seeing references to it and that was pretty dark. This show is just as dark. Yuki Yuna is a Hero is another dark magical girl show that has the same kind of darkness. If you like those type of shows you’ll like it.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari. I guess single father like characters are a big thing right now. Sweetness and Lightning was a good show to work this genre but this one is a bit…off. It’s a slice of life with some fantasy and there’s a tanuki involved. Just not holding my attention.

Girlish Number. I like this one better than past seiyu shows. The main character is an arrogant slacker. That’s not to say it’s a great show but it’s okay and I’ll probably be watching it.

Brave Witches. This is the sequel to Strike Witches (I never finished that one). I may have to go watch the first one. So far the show seems like most of these shows where girls are guns, boats, planes and whatever.

Stella no Mahou. More game creation shows. Yay? Maybe? Well it has a slow start but it’s nothing like New Game which kept hitting you over the head with it’s moe. That’s not to say it isn’t moe but that part of the show is held in check. Not really watching. Just maybe when there’s time.

Uta no Prince Sama Season 3. Didn’t watch the first one or the second one and probably not this one. Looks too sparkly.

ClassicaLoid. The show calls Beethoven “Beets” and Mozart is “Motes”. Just no. Sunrise stick to Gundams.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance. The sparkles. The SPARKLES. NO!!!!!! Yeah I just can’t do it man.

Soul Buster. Just didn’t catch my attention at all. Maybe I’ll try later but I doubt it.

Bubuki Baranki Season 2. Didn’t really like the first season and this one seems kind of the same.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki. This is a short show about a kid who meets a house spirit and they attract all types of spirits. It’s okay. I’ll watch to see where it goes.

Fune wo Amo. It’s about selling dictionaries. It’s dry as can be. Can’t watch. Put me to sleep.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru. No. Sparkly guys. The formula is still one they use for girls usually. KanColle, Arpeggio, Upotte, where they are amorphized weapons, etc. But when you’re making girls be all moe and cute and weapons, it kind of works. When you think of a guy, you don’t think cutesy and drinking tea together and whatnot. Is there even one of these shows with guys that gets mass appeal?

Vivid Strike. Not holding my attention. Very bland. Flat characters. May watch to see if anything changes but the show is not on my list.

Nazotokine. Short show. The main character gets trapped in a room with some weird thing and has to solve puzzles to get out. Not to really see here.

Bernard-jou Iwaku. Not sure why she calls herself Miss Bernard but whatever. Short show about a girl who seems to know literature but doesn’t actually read the books. There is a laugh or two to be had but not too much.

Tiger Mask W. Haven’t watched it. Not sure if it’s bad or not. It’s a show about wrestling. Supposedly based on a few Japanese wrestlers.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season. No. Hell no. She’s 11 and they have some pervert flying thing with her. She turns into a magical girl in a swimsuit. You lolicon pervs would probably love it.

Anitore XX! 11 year old girls exercising. NO.

Nobunaga no Shinobi. Another short show. Supposed to be funny but………………………..skip

Idol Memories and Show by Rock. I just never got the whole idol thing with Japan, I guess we have it here but the people are usually a little older. I may watch them in the future or something.

Teekyuu 8. Teekyuu is Teekyuu. Fast comedy in your face. I haven’t watched in a few seasons but it was always worth a laugh if nothing else.

Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy. This show is dumb but because it’s short I throw it into the schedule. First the crane game girls were saving the world, noe they’re idols battling other idols…from space.

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