My LG v20 Nightmare is Over

In December I got an LG v20 and don’t get me wrong, it was a great phone WHEN IT WORKED. My problem occured about a month after getting it where the camera glass shattered on it’s own. I put it down for the night on my nightstand and when I got up in the morning it was shattered. I had phone insurance on it but they still wanted $250 for a cheap piece of plastic which should have never made it into the phone. Supposedly my warranty was voided by this manufacturer defect. If I have insurance then why the hell would I pay for a manufacturer defect. I’m not the only one who has this issue. Check the web and you will see.

So of course I went to the insurance company and tried again but got the same response. I emailed LG and got a response 2 weeks later but then when I replied to that, they didn’t answer. So now I bring it to AT&T’s attentnion. I didn’t want to blame AT&T for the issue because it’s not their fault LG is a bunch of scumbags. I saw Verizon and T-Mobile just replacing some of these phones so I thought it was worth a shot since other knew about this defect.

Now I’m about a month in with a busted camera. I contacted LG on Twitter at @LGUSAMobile and @LGUS. @LGUS said refer to the other so I did. After a few weeks of getting nowhere with @LGUSAMobile (who took like a week between replies) they decided to block me. I’m a customer with a $850 defective phone and they blocked me because I was trying to get help. @LGUS did nothing. During this time I also sent an email to all the LG executives I could find to report their poor customer service and of course there was no response.

Imagine this as a picture sent to you by your contractor who’s working on your house. Thanks LG…

After a while I found the part in China and it took 39 days to get here. I got it from Aliexpress. It was an OEM part but here’s the kicker. So many people had the issue and these parts disappeared. I wouldn’t doubt LG found them and bought them all so they could keep trying to get $250 to fix a part that costs like $20 if even that. Probably around $10 to actually make it.

#shattergate is real and don’t fall for the BS.

The part is simple to replace. It’s just a bunch of really tiny screws that hold it in.

Here are places you can get the part:

I’m a contractor by trade and installed LG products all that time but after this nightmare I will never touch another LG product. I’d get rid of this tablet that came with the phone if it didn’t have an ETF. I am done with them. A company that treats people like this doesn’t deserve good customers and I can see why some people avoid them. I never had an issue in the past but now I will NEVER buy or install another LG product.

Luckily I now have an s7 Edge I got as a warranty replacement. At least I know Samsung will take care of their customers where LG doesn’t even give a damn.

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