Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl!)

Keijo. One of the most “controversial” animes in a long time even though there’s no reason for it other than people wanting to stand on a soapbox and be loud. The show is about a “sport” known as Keijo. It’s a women only sport where girls/women have to knock each other off these floating platforms known as “land” or other structures that are situated above bodies of water. There is one other aspect though, they can only use the breasts or butts. The show revolves around their training to become high earning players.

The characters are somewhat diverse for the show since there are more than the usual 3-4 main characters. You have 2 mains and 2 sidekicks and then there are teachers and other friends/students/contestants who has recurring roles in almost episode. It’s actually more than you’d usually get in a 12 episode show. On top of that you are hit over the head with body related puns and also references to other shows which keeps things moving between the battles which are mostly just for showing female bodies in action.

Production wise the show was okay. XEBEC seems to have issues with female anatomy in their shows and it pops up here too. Not like they can’t draw a woman but some things are somewhat off. Not like Triage X where it seems like everyone wears a pointy bra but there is just something off. But I will say it’s better than those stick figures and flat figures you usually get these days in anime. You don’t have to pay attention to that stuff though, just enjoy the show. My eye is drawn to design issues though they could also be on purpose to emphasize the player’s actions or whatever.

This show became a target for these people who seem to be attacking everything but I can’t be bothered with that nonsense though. The show is a comedy trying to make a “sport” look like it’s an actual thing. It’s very reminiscent of Ben-To which is also a funny attempt at a “sport”. Ironically the sport isn’t too far off from what could be an actual sport except for the settings. Look at shows like Wipeout! and add in the premise of this show and you could possibly have something. Definitely ecchi. VERY ecchi. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. If you want a funny sport comedy based on a ridiculous premise then this is for you.


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