Tamako Market

I picked up Tamako Market because some of the voice actors in it. Without them I might not have watched even though it’s by one of my favorite studios, Kyoto Animation.

The show centers around Tamako, eldest daughter of a family who runs a mochi shop. One day she’s walking along and comes across a strange talking bird named Dera who is on a mission. Dera endulges himself a little too much and becomes too fat to fly so he becomes a freeloader at the mochi shop. The show follows Tamako, her friends, family and neighbors through their everyday life and Dera’s mission.

One thing you’ll notice if you watch the dub and sub is the difference between Dera’s speech. Of course it comes across differently in English than it would in Japan. Dera is pretty funny in the dub. In the dubs he has an upper class accent and manor about him which doesn’t come across in the Japanese version. He actually plays a major role in this show even though he comes off as the goofy sidekick. In the subs he seems out of place but that may be because of not being used to Japanese upper crust vs American.

This show is another of Kyoto Animation’s slice of life romantic comedy shows that is just about perfect in every way. Not saying it’s a 5 star show and everyone must see it but Kyoto has this way of making everything just right. It’s probably due to Kyoto’s all in house work for their shows. Everyone seems to outsource bits and pieces but Kyoto has a staff on board while most other studios try to get things done on the cheap. Just a clean cut moe style anime. I don’t have anything bad to say about this show.

Tamako Market is a slow slice of life show full of charm. If that;s your kind of show then it would be perfect for you. I don’t have anything to even add here. Usually I say it’s too short or whatever here but the show is pretty much perfect as is. Kyoto Animation always seems to hit the mark in that category.


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