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More Info About My Manga Dodge Battle High

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Yes I know it’s been a while and I’ve neglected my blog again. Well this time I want to give an update on my manga Dodge Battle High.

The story centers around Akihiro. A high school freshman but not at an ordinary high school. It’s Dodge Battle High where your grade and schooling are all about dodgeball. People see dodgeball as only a game but if you think about it, there’s team building, working together, leadership skill building and more.

So why did this gaijin decide to become a genkushuka (manga writer)? Well I do watch a lot of anime, I do read manga and have an affinity for the Japanese culture. Japan still has a culture where respect and loyalty means something wheres here in the US they mean nothing. I’ve always had in interest in samurais and ancient Japan and new Japan too which still hasn’t become what the US is now where no one respects each other and every nutcase has a gun. Now I’m not going to say writing a manga is an easy task but as a teen I used to write and draw comics so it’s not something foreign to me. Though full scripting for someone else to do the drawing is.

Now a little more about the story. Akihiro is a kid who has become disinterested in the world. He lost his parents at an early age and kind of went into a shell. His older sister Kazue has done her best to keep them together and be somewhat of a parent. What makes the task even harder is they have younger siblings, twins named Akiko and Akira. I don’t want to give too much away but there was someone who got Akihiro to come out of his shell and turn him into someone very family orientated but that person also was “lost” just not in the same way as his parents.

Some of the other characters who play an important role are Hoshiko (Akihiro’s friend), Jin (another friend of Akihiro), Aoi (another student at Dodge Battle High), Tom (Akihiro’s arch rival) amongst a list of many. All the names I have to come up with, daaaaaaaaamn.

The characters in the book will each has their issues that they work on during the course of the manga. They’re teenagers so it’ll be some of your typical teenage issues like lonliness, bullying, depression, shyness, etc. Why? Because while it’s a comedy manga it’s not your typical comedy without content besides comedy. Actually it hits several genres like slice of life, harem, sports, romance but there will be gags and comedy all over the place too. It’s to be expected with teens.

This is a sketch of Akihiro

More Akihiro

This is a sketch of Hoshiko

This is a “neko” Hoshiko sketch

This is a sketch of Jin

This is a sketch of the twins though they appear a bit older than they are at the beginning of the story

You can look here for some other sketches and info.

Soon I will be starting to get some pages drawn and preparing for a possible Kickstarter. And a note about the art. I am a big fan of art as most people know. I appreciate art in many forms especially fan art because it shows that people like what you’re doing. If there is a Kickstarter (most likely will be) and you do some type of art then surely let me know. Tweet me, I’ll probably retweet it as long as it’s tasteful. If it’s hentai then I won’t. If it has the kids in sexy poses or compromising positions then I won’t. I know some places might even find it okay to see kids like that but I personally don’t and you won’t see that in the manga and if it becomes animated it will be at the top of my list of things to say to the animation studio. Obviously I’m not stopping you from doing what you do but it’s just my personal stance.

So a gaijin genkushuka from the US, potential artist from Spain, trying to break into a market that’s mainly in Japan. Easy task? Not at all. But I’m damned sure going to try.

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Yeah I know…blog neglect.

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I know, I know. The blog has been neglected AGAIN.

Where to begin…work has been hectic. I did have the wrist injury so that left me not able to type too well for like 2-3 months. Summer 2016 anime has been blah, I mean really blah. Been working on the game a lot and trying to coordinate artists, programmer help, voices, etc. So yes it’s been pretty busy lately. Going to try to add more to this blog and the next few weeks.

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Astra Etherium Beta v0.76 is partially released

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Yep. I submitted the game for OUYA and at the same time that makes it available for Forge too. OUYA was ending submissions so I couldn’t wait until things were done and just had to go go go. Now I have the legacy of being the last game released on the OUYA so remember that for your future spot on Jeopardy. The members of OUYAForum were very helpful and pivotal to get things to where they are. They helped with art, voice acting, beta testing and more. There was no way I was letting that deadline go by without the game being available on OUYA with all the help I got from them.

Things aren’t where I want them to be just yet but we’re getting closer. When more of the finishing touches are in, it’ll be released on a broader scale. We’re going to start with the Android markets since we already have Androids that work and then move on to AppleTV, PC, Mac, Linux, etc. If it’ll be playable on a toaster then it’ll be on toasters too.

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Dodge Battle High Characters

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I know I said I wanted to do a Kickstarter in November but work came and then laptop issues that stopped me from being able to write and on and on and on. But I do have someone on Deviantart who has been doing some character art for me. They may or may not be the final look of the characters but it’s something to go on. He also did the main character of my 2nd game Borne by Blood.

The main characters aren’t done yet though. I held off on them but these are a few of the other characters. I’m not going to give too much background info on them yet. I want to wait until closer to the Kickstarter. Aoi, Akihiro and Hoshiko aren’t done but I have an idea which way they’re going.

This is Kazue, Akihiro’s older sister.

These are Chideko and Yuno, a brother and sister who will play major roles in the beginning.

Technically this is Aoi but she’s getting a bit of a change.

These are Akihiro’s little twin brother and sister Akira and Akiko

There are some other random art pieces done by others on Deviantart too which I will post at a later date.

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Dodge Battle High to Kickstarter?

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So I’m getting a lot of writing done lately and I think it may be close to time to get a Kickstarter prepped and ready. I have to figure out the rewards and all that but what would people want for an unproven commodity? Bookmarks? Stickers? Extra art? I figure those would be included but what about figures or something? Have to have a plan and execute the plan to perfection.

I did want to include an anthology type thing but the first person I approached didn’t even get back to me. There are a few others I thought of asking but after that first one I may scrap the idea. I figured it was a chance for people to have their stuff printed and have something thy can show off or say “look I’m published”. Maybe I was wrong though…

Also debating if I should have some art done that’s just so people can read some of the content but it’s not finished art, something where I can post like 5 pages a week on a separate site (probably here), then have finished art on the Kickstarter page so people get a taste of the finished product.  The artist I picked does all digital though so there won’t be sketches and all that to post.

I really just want this to go off without a hitch the first time and not have to try again. Plus it would show that there are people out there who want the book. Would hate to do all this work and then no one wants it but the people who have read the script so far have said they liked it. They could be lying but I hope not.

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Damn you writer’s block…

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My manga Dodge Battle High is like 3 books in my head but for some reason I can’t type them out. I usually do my little anime thing to keep me writing but even that isn’t helping and now I’m slacking on those too. I guess the Oni Press submission thing slowed me down. Since it was taking so long I let myself actually think something positive might come though I went in thinking nothing would happen. So I slacked on the art side and all that though I wanted to do a Kickstarter this month. I’m going to push that back so I can get some writing done though I can write during the Kickstarter but I want this to be perfect.

Plus I do have my game stuff to work on. I want my game done like last year but there were many bumps in the road it looks like. Soon most of the systems will be done and then I can fix art work and whatever else might need to be fixed. Plus I don’t want to work on Borne by Blood until it’s done.


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Well…Oni Press Rejected My 2nd Submission Pitch

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So I finally got the letter I was expecting. Not that I don’t think my work is good but I just didn’t see Oni Press taking on many of the submissions if any at all. No, I’m not calling it a publicity stunt. I just didn’t feel like they were going to take on many of them.

Dodge Battle High will just have to be self published and maybe someone will jump on board to publish worldwide. The people who have read what I have so far have given positive feedback and hopefully they aren’t lying to me. I think it’s good anyway. So I’m going to get my Kickstarter plan in motion. I was hoping for an answer sooner than this but this is when they got back to me…96 days later.

Well whatever. Time to kick it up a notch. If they don’t want to open the door and let me in, I’ll kick it the hell down. Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you.

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Dodge Battle High Still Not Rejected by Oni Press…yet.

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So it’s now 3 weeks later and I still didn’t get a rejection email about my submission (now it’ll probably come tomorrow). They seem to have gone silent on the process or they don’t answer directly queries from what I’ve seen. Not sure how many are left to go through but it’s been a while. Almost 90 days of waiting can be nerve racking. Especially since I was planning a Kickstarter if things went south. Kickstarter isn’t a slam dunk but since printing, art and other things have a cost, have to do it somehow. My plan for Dodge Battle High is to just be the writer/gensakusha. I can actually draw but if I do that then it takes me away from my games and everything else. Unfortunately this plan has not worked for my game since I’m in development hell and waiting on people to follow through but I’m at the end of my patience. It’s hard to find good help as they say.

While waiting, I did find some guys who do anime at a cheaper rate then a usual studio. Don’t have a big catalog of their work or anything but Dodge Battle High doesn’t need super high animation, just needs something decent. School anime can get by on decent animation as long as the goal of the show is met. I’m actually intrigued by the style of Hen Zemi. It’s different from everything else, all the girls aren’t stick figures and the guys aren’t weak looking, even the weak characters look “normal”. The faces are awkward though so that would have to be changed. So tempting to find funding and get a few episodes done but so much to consider also…

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Dodge Battle High

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Yes this is the name of the pitch I sent to Oni Press during their submissions process (also Astra Etherium which was turned down though I think it fits their line of books also). I haven’t given many details to those outside of the few who read my scribbles from when it was going to be a light novel. A few have seen my comic scripted version which has a decent amount of pages now. I have the first 100 pages or so in my head and need to put about 55 more of it on paper and script it.

Comic scripting is definitely not as easy as someone would think it is. You have to picture each frame and describe it so that someone reading it can picture it in their head or draw it if it’s an artist. I used to draw comics as a teen with Marvel on my mind but I would sketch my stories then draw. I stopped drawing like 15 years ago so my skill has diminished a bit and I’m much more of a perfectionist now which causes me to not finish art, plus the fact that I never learned to do it all digitally.

The book will be a mix of sports (dodgeball), family, slice of life but also tackle some topics like death, loneliness, and other psychological things that teens go through. Don’t worry, it’s comedy and light hearted for the most part so you won’t want to sit in a dark room wishing your life was over. Even the sports part probably won’t be as pronounced as the interpersonal relationships. The relationships whether good or bad will be the main focus of the books.

Where do I see this going? Well I would like to cover their 4 years in high school for the series which would mean 20 books or so and if it’s really popular then I have plans for the next set of books where they have graduated but I won’t let you know about that part yet. I also would like to see this adapted into a show. I think it would lend itself well to an adaptation and I may look to form my own “production committee” for funding. I’m even thinking if maybe the characters will be put into this dodgeball game concept that I have had for a while but I’m currently in gamedev hell so I have to wait before I think of that part but also a possibility.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog stuff.

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Oni Press Still Hasn’t Rejected My 2nd Pitch…Yet

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Well I’ve been sitting and waiting for a rejection letter but nothing yet. I’m on day 62. They extended the response time from 30 days to 60 but I know one person said it took 72 days. I’m debating what to do with Dodge Battle High because I made a few changes to what I sent them. What if they get back to me and say “we want your book”?

I’m still looking at a Kickstarter but it may be around October. By then, I should have a clear answer on Astra Etherium (the game) which is being held up by external issues beyond my control and I’m not happy about. I will probably send Astra Etherium (the book) to Dark Horse. It’s probably more their thing but I heard they ask for a piece of film rights or something in their deals. Which can be good and bad. I’d like to see it hit the anime market but if a movie can be made then why not. It lends itself well to a movie.

So I just keep writing, hoping it’s good…the few who read it say that it is. Hope they aren’t telling me what they think I want to hear…

Ugh. I guess I just want to know what’s going on in the process.

**Update** I guess someone heard me. I got an email today saying they need longer than the 60 days. It looks like about 2 weeks ago they still had 950 submissions to go through so I guess there is still hope before having to turn to Kickstarter.

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