Ballad of a Shinigami (Shinigami no Baraddo)

The Ballad of a Shinigami, also known as Momo – The Girl God of Death is a short anime series of 6 episodes which revolves around a shinagami named Momo. She’s not your usual shinigami that you’re used to seeing. Momo is a caring, peaceful shinigami instead of one who ushers people to their doom. Momo along with her smartmouth familar Daniel, shows people why they should live and what’s good about life, she also allows people to talk to the dead.

Each episode is about a different situation and different characters. Each character has their own personality and issue to deal with. From a little boy who loses his best friend to . Momo is there for them to deliver the message and see people off to the other side. This take on the shinigami is very different from those who are there to bring death. She even cries for the dead, since according to her, they can no longer cry for themselves.

The art for the show was well done, there really is nothing I can say about it. The sounds and the music are fitting for what the show is. The wording of the opening song is a little awkward but that happens with translations from one language to another. Everything fits the show well, the attention to detail is great.

For a 6 episode anime, it sure is slowly paced. Now it’s not like a mecha anime where you need action all the time but sometimes it felt like they could extend some situations and lessen others, just to get the pace a little better. I feel that the show might get away from people with low attention spans since it’s very calm and mellow. But don’t let that keep you away from the show. It’s a sweet little anime worth watching.
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