The Comic Artist and Assistants (Mangaka-san to Ashisutanto-san to)

The Comic Artist and His Assistants is another series of short episodes. There are 12 episodes but each one runs about 10 minutes or so not counting the opening and ending credits. The series is based around a perverted, otaku, manga author named Yuki who seems to want to fall in love with everyone close to him, especially his assistant Ashisu. Plus his desire to draw panties is another prevailing storyline here but he takes it a step further than just that. Ashisu, is put into awkward situations and is forced to cope with Yuki’s behavior.

I picked this one up thinking that it might be different and show the actual life of a mangaka. It does show it somewhat but exaggerated and of course hastened because the show is not very long. If they decided to lengthen it, they have all the parts needed for something decent. But it looks like a production committee one-shot.

At least the artwork and everything are done well but there isn’t much to the show. The characters follow the usual traits of their trope, otaku, tsundere, yuudere, etc. If you have 2 hours to burn then pick it up, otherwise I wouldn’t bother unless you’re really bored. You’ll get a laugh or two but it isn’t that good a show.

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