So I Decided to Check Out Some of the New Shows.

I decided to check out some of the new shows to see what’s going on. The industry has given way to a lot of crap shows lately and then someone brought up Spring previews over on one of the main anime sites. I don’t know what to think with some of the sites because the attitudes of some people, acting like they’re gods or something. I can’t stand diva attitudes or “I’m better than everybody” attitudes and sometimes that attitude seeps into their reviews so I’m almost never sure if I should even listen to them, not that I really do anyway. That’s why I decided to take a look for myself and see what’s out there.

Is It Wrong to Pickup Girls in a Dungeon – Will definitely keep watching this one. Looks like it has the potential to be another Log Horizon or Sword Art Online. Of course they could screw it up and it ends up being a lame 12 episode show but there is a lot of potential here. Still don’t understand the web exploding over Hestia and her blue ribbon though. Sure she’s a cute character but a ribbon is all it takes to get people to go nuts?

Plastic Memories – I’m going to keep watching this one. So far I like the setup, the plot and some of the characters. Looks like it’ll be a sad show though, this will matter for some since it’s probably enough to make someone cry if you’re a crier.

Gunslinger Stratos – I like where they’re going with this one. Definitely plan to keep watching and I hope they built on what they had in the first episode. Action series aren’t getting much of a spotlight anymore so I was glad to see this one and it didn’t make me cringe when I turned it on.

SNAFU Too – Will definitely watch, just waiting for more episodes so I can watch a few at a time or maybe even the whole season. I don’t want to watch and then be waiting a week.

Nisekoi 2 – Same as SNAFU

Triage X – Not sure what to think. Definitely ecchi but if you’re going to be ecchi at least draw the anatomy right and not have it change from wrong to right, every other scene. Obviously the women are well endowed but make them look right. SEEMED like it could have a decent story behind it but I guess we’ll find out. Waiting for 2 more episodes to make a decision.

Punch Line – It got mentioned a lot recently so I checked it out. Looks okay….not sure I about the premise though. The kid loses his mind over panty shots. Now where in the world do you walk around seeing women’s panties anyway. There is more to the show and he actually has to control that issue on top of that so it may not be bad but we’ll see.

Rin-Ne – I don’t know what to make of this one. Looks binge watch-y. like wait for the season to end then watch it all at once just to say you saw it and form a full opinion on it.

Eto-Tama – looks like it’ll be pure drek. Crunchyroll crashed on me at like 9 minutes in. It just closed and said “no more”. One of the main characters is a Haruhi Suzumiya look alike but she’s more of a moe character than bipolar Haruhi. Has some breaking the 4th wall stuff which can be good or bad depending on the circumstance. I just don’t know. Just looks like it’ll be crap but at least it has some decent art. I’ll give it a few shows.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches – Waiting to see the next one to see if they build on the first or if it’s just going to be stupid sight gag type stuff. I THINK it may be a good one but depends on the direction.


    1. I might since I do eventually want a show but that depends on my book and on AE if that gets to that point also. The state of current stuff is too weak but at least there are a few that stand out.

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