When It Comes to Reviews…

When it comes to reviews, it can be a blessing and a curse. You can review some quality stuff, people try it out and they like it too. Or you can review something just horrible and people thank you for saving them the trouble. But then you have the gray area where you review something and people don’t agree. Not everyone thinks the same so I’m fine with that, if you disagree with me then let’s talk and have a discussion as long as it’s something you go into with an open mind.

One thing that makes the job a bit more difficult is when you review something, like it and then change your mind later. It usually happens when I do game reviews. When I do these anime reviews they stay kind of static. I do game reviews over on OUYAForum.com and sometimes a game is great out the box but after a while things change. Like it can be great one day then the next you’re sitting there calling it crap. That comes with repetition though, not something that can really be helped, if you have tiramisu everyday then sooner or later you will want something else.

There are also times where I give a game a good review and for some reason the developer doesn’t like it. This is a weird one for me, if I give you a good review then why have an issue? That’s the way I look at it, if someone said they like my game or other product then why would I have an issue with that. Yet they’ll kiss up to someone who gives a bad review or is destructive in what they say. It makes no sense to me but it is what it is I guess.

Another thing with reviews is trying to give people a review and thoughts without making it so long they get bored halfway through and also not giving spoilers. For me, I’d rather know what you think and that’s it, not all the fluff and crap added, not just extra type so you can see your words take over a screen. Give me a review and let me make the decision if I want to continue or not. I feel like a review should be more like a preview unless the goal is to give a full synopsis of the project.

I hope that’s the same way when my projects are out and someone does a review. No spoilers, no extra long winded reviews just to say “I like it” or “I hate it”.  I’ve actually targeted people who I’d like doing reviews of my stuff, these are people who I know will give an honest and unbiased opinion while being constructive if there is any criticism. Obviously there will be others who will do their own reviews and that’s great but the only thing I ask for is be fair just like I will be to you.

Sure it can be a tough line to walk because as a developer, I will also be reviewed and I’m sure someone will do something out of spite or “revenge” in their minds. That’s why I was unsure at first about doing reviews but it’s a review and my thoughts, not someone else’s. I’d rather be helping someone along than trying to destroy what they’re trying to do and anyone who has had conversations with me knows that. If there is something I can help with, I’ll help. You never know, there may be a day when you’re the one who needs that help.

Maybe it’s just me, who knows. Maybe I’m just a different kind of cat.

I’m out.

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