Nekomonogatari (Kuro)

Nekomonogatari actually takes place BEFORE Bakemonogatari and Nisemongatari. This is the origin story of Hanekawa. You see part of here story in Bakemonogatari but here is where that story gets fleshed out. As you know by now if you saw Bakemonogatari or Nisemonogatari, Hanekawa is a talker so if you don’t speak Japanese get ready for fast reading or possibly rewinding, she can push the dialogue along quick.

They main characters in Nekomonogatari are Koyomi, Hanekawa, Oshino and Shinobu. You learn more about the origin and background of the 4 characters and also about Black Hanekawa which is the cat like entity that you may have seen in pictures. I don’t want to give too much info here since this series gives you a lot of background. I’m sure you’ve probably seen plenty of gifs of her looking like a harmless catgirl but this cat has some serious claws.

The Not Safe for Work Parts: Nekomonogatari still has some of the incest stuff like Nisemonogatari does but not as much. This will be true for the rest of the shows in the series. The sisters aren’t in the show that much but to me, those scenes are just awkward. Then you also have Black Hanekawa who is always in a bra and panties and I’m positive she will keep your attention on the screen. Then again, a woman with cat ears will keep most people’s attention anyway even before the lack of clothing.

The art and music as usual in this series are top notch but the music stays the same here since it’s only 4 episodes. You still have the cinemascope screens all over the place, which are still awkward. You still have the dramatic head turns, jump scenes and cut scenes. Everything that makes this show more of a piece of art than a show are still intact.

While the show takes place BEFORE Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, I say watch them in order. It probably won’t make sense if you watch this one before the other two due to other information in the first 2 series. I felt that this was one of the stronger arcs in the series.

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