Btooom! is an action anime with psychological twists. Ryouta, the main character is one of the world’s top players of the game Btooom! One day he wakes up and he’s been transported to an island which he doesn’t remember how or why he got there. What Ryouta doesn’t realize is that he was transported into a real life version of his favorite game.

When it comes to these type of shows, you’re not going to get much character development. The main focus is on the main characters and their partners usually and the same applies here. How much development do you need when the world or your life is on the line? The main characters do make the show interesting. The last thing you need in a show like this is an unlikable main character.

Btooom! is actually styled like older anime, somewhat like Parasyte and some others are. It was released in 2012 but if I said 2005 you wouldn’t be surprised by the way it looks. A lot of the end of the world or apocalyptic shows are using this style. It fits these shows and somehow gives it a little grittiness and I guess that because the newer stuff is overstylized.

My only gripe is that there was no ending to the show. They followed the plot through the whole show without deviation and then…they ended it with what would indicate a second season but there is not one on the horizon. Would be nice if there was because there is a major cliffhanger on this one. This is one expensive way to say go buy the manga. Other than that, I like the show.


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