Astra Etherium Graphic Novel Pitch Sent to Oni Press









So Oni Press was looking for graphic novel submissions. Due to all my projects going on or planned, I sent in Astra Etherium as a writer. I just won’t have time for art and all that. Oni Press can hook you up with an artist and they’re looking for them too so that’s always a plus. Hopefully someone will be able to match the look I have for the book.

Astra Etherium wasn’t planned to be a graphic novel but if it can get me in the door then why not. It does fit graphic novel more than a light novel anyway and if this works out then I just have to write and someone has to finish the art. It works out well for me.

Look at me talking like they already accepted me. Since I have big plans for Astra Etherium, this would be a great starting point. I have the game coming, then the remastered version of the game, and hopefully the graphic novel. It’s something that I can see as an anime someday and hope it progresses to that or that I have a legion of fans that would back the project on Kickstarter if that was to happen.

**Update** False start, going to submit Monday after realizing I left out a synopsis and summary. It gave me time to rewrite scenes and I think they came out better this time. I had to cut down the scenes for the submission anyway. They won’t take over 20 scripted pages and I have 26. So now they will have the first 13 pages of the story and an introduction to a character who will play a big role later on. Even if Oni Press says no, at least I have it scripted. Even though I drew comics in the past, I never scripted it in comic format. From the feedback I’m getting, it seems like I have it down and the few people did enjoy the scenes.

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