School Days (Sukūru Deizu)

School Days is another one on Crunchyroll that I just picked randomly because it came up as similar to something else I watched. I can tell you that this was not what I expected at all. Let me give you a few details.

School Days starts as a show that looks like it’s going to be one of those sweet, innocent high school shows where an innocent girl and clueless guy finally overcome their communication issues and get together. Well, that does happen but so does a lot more.

Mokoto is a student who has a crush on a girl who he finds out, also has a crush on him. It starts out innocently but then other characters get involved and it becomes much more complicated. Bring that it’s a harem type show, there are other girls interested in Mokoto and others who are just jealous and try to get involved.

The problem with the show is that the characters are flat, shallow or just idiots like Mokoto. He starts off as a guy who you might route for but he devolves quickly. The girls end up being mostly shallow, deceitful and vindictive. On top of that, a few are yanderes so you get extremely loving to extremely hateful. Actually a good percentage are yandere-y. I’m a one yandere kind of guy.

I want to say more but if I do then I get into the plot and let me tell you, this show does not end how you would expect it to, definite shocker. The end of the show is what brought the score up to 3.5, otherwise I would have given it a lower score. I wouldn’t say run out and check it right away but it’s worth a look if you’re bored. It’s only 12 episodes so about 4 hours of your time. If you do start watching this one, I suggest you watch it all the way through.


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