Toradora is a romantic comedy that I picked up to break up the mecha shows that I was watching at the time. I had no clue what to expect from it because not all high school shows are the same, just look at School Days. Toradora is somewhat different from the others I’ve watched but they do still have some of the same tropes that are basically traditional for these shows.

I guess I’ve been drawn to some of these lately because the characters are kind of like me and the woman I call senpai. You usually have a calm, collected guy, somewhat disenfranchised who may stumble over words sometimes but gets results and a yandere/tsundere who gives him hell but for some reason they seem to work well together, as much as they fight each other. Same thing happens here with Ryuji and Taiga.

Ryuji is the calm, collected guy who is kind of looked at as a bad guy or guy you don’t associate with because of his eyes. One day he happens to run into Taiga, also known as the “palm top tiger”. Taiga is bad attitude personified and snaps at just about anyone and everyone when things don’t go her way. They find out that they have crushed on each other’s best friend which is how their pact is formed. Ryuji got the raw end of the deal because he has to be her personal chef and servant but this leads them to spending a lot of time together, forming plans and trying to figure out how to win the hearts of the ones they’re after. Without ruining the plot for you, this is only the beginning, you have 26 episodes, including an OVA, to get to know them and their love interests.

The art and music for the show were very fitting and they paid attention to detail. The plot has a few twists and turns to keep it from being a cheap site gag show where it’s just them trying to get with someone. There are other characters involved too which try to throw things out of order. The pacing is good but that’s because it wasn’t rammed into 12 episodes. This is a show I can give my recommendation on. I’m giving it a 4 star rating. If you’re looking for a show to watch and like the high school drama, romcom set then add this to your list.


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