Eiken, how did I ever find Eiken. I feel like I lost brain cells by watching Eiken. It’s only 2 episodes but oh my…

A student named Densuke is picked to join the Eiken club. What he finds is that the girl he wants is part of this club. The Eiken club is a club of women with huge breasts and not like F like they say (which is pretty freakin big), it’s much more than that. That is like all there is to the show. It’s a true fanservice show with weird physics and weird situations.

Honestly I gave it an extra 1/2 star just to be nice. It is bad. At least the story could have been something but they botched that too. If you want to see big breasts, illogical situations and phallic things then this is your show. I don’t even want to give this show anymore attention so I’m ending it here. If you decide to watch it’s only 2 episodes so you won’t lose too much of your time.


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