Strike the Blood

I added Strike the Blood to my list of shows though it seemed like it might be generic. That’s the problem with the high school student, given unbelievable power and a harem, with a little comedy genre. Not sure what else to call it. They can be good or they can be bland, they just have to hit their marks and add in things to keep it from being a dry, run of the mill show. It’s not an easy thing to have to try to overcome since there are so many of these type of shows out there.

The story revolves about Kojou, a teenager who has become something that he’s not even sure of. He thinks he’s a regular teenager until he’s put into a situation where he has to save a girl from demons. The girl, Himeragi is actually there to watch over him and make sure he doesn’t fully live up to his potential because they don’t know if he can be trusted with the power he can achieve. The duo finds themselves in trouble on several occasions with her trying to keep his power in check and him defending her when she needs back up.

The show is put together well and given the time it needs. When you give a show a full season, you can do a lot more than you can when it only have 12-13 episodes. With Strike the Blood you get 24 episodes. Kojou and Himeragi seem like a weird pairing at first but they kind of grow on you. The other cast members are memorable except one or two but there are enough other cast members to overcome that. The other members of the cast are also fighting demons along side them and have some of their own secrets to withhold from each other. The plot is always moving forward and there are several subplots too. You’re not left in the cold with this one. The battles may have needed a bit of fluff but everything fits well in this one.

These type of shows are always a 3.5 for me unless they take that step further to give you something that you remember or if they go in the other direction and you want to forget them. This one has enough to get a higher score but not enough for me to put it at a 4. Would I watch it again? Probably. I always like when a show gets enough time to breathe and has a decent direction.


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