Kite is a 50 minute OVA so I figured I could give it a chance. It’s only 50 minutes I’ll never get back right?

Kite revolves around an a schoolgirl named Sawa who is orphaned in her early teens. She is “adopted” by corrupt detectives named Akai and Kanie. Along the way she meets another assassin under the guardianship of Akai and Kanie by the name of Oburi. They’re ordered to kill fat cats, government officials, rapists and others and there is no other way, hit your target or become a target.

To dwelve any further would be to give up the plot. There really isn’t a strong plot here but it’s the basis of the show. There are a few twists which at least give this show a little depth but I just couldn’t get into it.

Another thing I should mention if the hentai tag. It’s listed this way because there is an uncut version which shows the actual sex scenes, I watched the Crunchyroll version so those are not in there but there are hints of where they would be. I don’t know how far they go with it and never bothered to check.

The art in the show is what you might expect from something in the 70s really, it may have been a late 90s show but the art leaves a lot to be desired. Even the acting seems a little forced like maybe they slowed it down to match the animation plus it’s bad from jump street. The sequel was done 10 years later so it’s art is more up to par, check out my review here, Kite Liberator.

I can’t recommend the show but if you have 50 minutes to burn then I can’t stop you but don’t expect something spectacular. If you do watch and end up liking it then let me know. I’m giving it a 2 stars and I think that might be generous.



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