My Graphic Novel Pitch

When Oni Press released the info for the open submissions, I was nowhere near ready. I had nothing at all done really. I wanted to get the game out first and then look into the novel part of this but it’s a great opportunity. If I can get my pitch straight and that may be my perfectionism getting in the way. If Oni Press takes my submission then I can be a writer and still do everything else without doing the art, lettering and coloring myself.

When I used to do comics in high school, I would sketch out my pages but never actually scripted it. That part I actually found kind of easy, it’s the cover letter and other stuff that is tripping me up big time. Every time I think I’m ready to click the submit button, something comes up.

The picture you see is of my main protagonist Maximillian. For those reading this for the first time, my pitch is a novel based on my game Astra Etherium: A Space Bounty Hunter in Space. Maximillian is a cocky space pirate, who sacrificed his life to save another. What Maximillian doesn’t know is that he will be offered a second chance, if he becomes one of the “good guys” and captures some of the same people he used to run with.

Unfortunately for me, the person who drew this Maximillian has disappeared without a trace and I don’t even know why, so he may have a different look when things are finished. This is something I had to deal with while developing the game, people disappearing. That’s why things have been delayed over and over but it looks like we’re coming to the end of the line on the game end of things. The first version of Astra Etherium should be out late June/early July for OUYA and some mobile platforms and then release to other platforms from there. So hopefully my game will be out with a positive response from Oni Press. If not, then at least I have the game and I have enough of the pitch to work on it on the side.

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