Space Dandy (Supēsu Dandi)

I don’t know what it is about Space Dandy that drew me in but as soon as I saw the commercials on Adult Swim, I set my DVR and had to make sure I saw it the first time and then again later by DVR.

Space Dandy was actually the first Shinichirō Watanabe show I watched, well first I watched knowing it was his directing. This past week I watched Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop which was a show that Dandy is always compared to. There are elements of both in Dandy. Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo were released in 1998 and 2004 and had heavy western influences which is why they probably did so well over here, this is the same with Space Dandy.

Dandy is actually even more episodic than the other two. Every week you were waiting to see where their next adventure would be and also, at the end of every episode it seemed like the universe imploded. Just like Champloo and Bebop, there is a distinct musical theme. In Space Dandy it’s dance and electronic music with some others blended in, there’s even an episode where Dandy has to show off his dance skills.

A show where the main protagonist is a space bounty hunter, I know I heard that somewhere before. Dandy is a goofy, over the top character with good intentions. Good intentions doesn’t make you good at your job but it does provide some laughs. Along with a robot vacuum named QT and a weird alien cat like alien that Dandy names Meow. Dandy unlike Champloo and Bebop have recurring characters like Scarlet, Honey and Dr Gel. Each with their own unique personality that keeps them from being dry, run of the mill characters. Watanabe always tries to keep from sticking a character in a trope and have them be a walking cliche.

This show was a big part of what got me back into anime. Was just so burned out on the crap that was coming out or the ones that were being pushed while having to search for the gems. Space Dandy is another that goes to the top of my list of recommendations. If you want over the top ridiculous comedy then Space Dandy is where it’s at.



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