Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is coming July 5th. Who knew that after 18 years, we would get a new series. Most people thought the show was done long ago. The Battle of the Gods movie showed just how much people were waiting for something new from Dragon Ball Z. Resurrection of F really put the series back on the map since it brought back the most famous/infamous enemy of the whole series, Frieza. It debuted in the US in a solo showing in Los Angeles a few days before it’s full official release in Japan and will be in theatres in the US with a solo showing on July 2nd at one of the conventions and then full release in August.

The new show is going to be 100 episodes with 100 episodes on hold to see if the series takes off (like it’s not going to take off right away.) It will be on Sunday mornings in Japan so that’s almost 2 years and then a possible 2 more after that. I’m assuming that it will be licensed by Funimation since they brought it over the first time and did the dubs too. You have to assume it will be dubbed right away or broadcast dubbed like Funimation has been doing recently, where the show will air a few weeks after the subbed version. Maybe Crunchyroll will get in this party too but you know it’ll get to the US somehow.

You have the original team on this show and it will take place after the Majin Buu saga. So it’s a true sequel to the Dragon Ball Z series. Dragon Ball GT has different writers and was not canon so there probably won’t be any references to it at all.

Below is the trailer, it’s just a teaser so don’t expect too much, it’s only a few seconds.

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