Kill la Kill

Before watching Kill la Kill, I didn’t hear much about it. I knew the name but never heard the story or anything like that. Then it popped up on Toonami so I set it to DVR and watched. This show has been a controversial one amongst fans and haters.

The story revolves around Ryuko, a girl who is on a quest to find her father’s killer. She’s a high school student at Honnouji Academy where all the students fight for supremacy. The reason they fight is for Satsuki, the one running the school. Satsuki rules with an iron fist and she’s believed to be the one who killed Ryuko’s father. Ryuko has to get through Satsuki’s Elite Four if she is going to face her and possibly avenge her father’s death.

This show adds comedy into the mix with all the action and drama. The characters are waaay over the top. Characters like Mako and Gamagori really make you laugh with their dialogue and interactions. You have Ryuko in her talking sailor outfit who gets over the top angry, Satsuki who is beyond himedere, Mako who’s a goofy sidekick and there to basically be the other half of Ryuko, then there’s Gamagori the Disciplinary Squad leader who always goes by the book and makes sure everyone else does too. The list goes on when it comes to the colorful characters of this show. If you want characters who aren’t like your traditional tropes then this show is the one for you.

The part that has been controversial is nudity and innuendo. In the Japanese culture, they aren’t as uptight as the west which is basically here in the US. There is nudity, sexual innuendo and some camera shots that leave very little to the imagination. For me, it’s like ecchi shows, you just take it as part of the show and ignore it. Watch everything else. unless of course that’s all the show is about like Eiken. For some reason they believe they can’t sell action shows anymore without ecchiness and they may be right. Here in the US you can but Japan is the market they care about selling to, they don’t even consider the US when it comes to calculations on sales. That’s why they rarely go outside of their usual formula.

The show started off kind of slow but you have to get used to the way the show is. It was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashima has a different way of telling a story as you can see by their other shows like Gurren Lagann. You get a slow build while developing the characters and then it ramps up quick, REALLY QUICK. Once you get a few shows in, it gets you hooked.

Also, look for the special episode or episode 25 depending on where you get your anime. While it’s like a separate story, it wraps up the series.



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