Haiyoru! Nyaruani – Remember My Mr Lovecraft

I actually found this one when I was searching for Cthulhu for a game project. Since it came up, I decided to watch and I’m glad I did. This is another short anime where the episodes are 3-5 minutes BUT this was spun off into a full length anime also.

The story revolves around Mahiro, normal human teenager and an alien named Nyaruko who was sent from the Space Defense Agency to protect Mahiro. Nyaruko falls deeply in love with Mahiro and keeps trying to put the moves on him. She has other alien friends who are invited by her to Mahiro’s house, against his wishes. Her enemy turned friend Cthugha also known as Kuko, who is in love with her, Kune who is Nyaruko’s cousin and a very perverted alien who has an innocent look about her and a few others who make things very interesting.

Not too many of the short animes get a full anime adaptation but this one did. I have a feeling it may have been planned that way from the beginning and they were just going to roll with it, even if the shorts flopped. If you notice, at the end of each episode is a countdown to the “end of mankind”.

The show is a parody/satire type show and actually can be pretty funny. They take references from Men in Black and other alien based shows/movies. Tons of 4th wall breaking and mentioning the fans. There’s even a hot springs episode which is full of 4th wall breaking. You don’t actually see them in the springs, it’s focused on their pet the whole episode. You even have one of them saying they feel guilty for deceiving the fans.

The shorts aren’t as good as the main show and they left some characters in the shorts and didn’t carry them over, which was a little disappointing since the ones in the shorts end up being funnier than the one new character that actually is in the main show. But it’s definitely something to check out for a few minutes of satire, parody and laughs.


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