These Summer Shows Look Strong

Looks like everyone saved their best for the summer. It’s only Tuesday morning and I watched all the new shows so far, think it’s like 14. There is not one where I said “get this garbage out of here.” Of course there are different levels of enjoyment but there really are some strong shows coming out. Dragon Ball Super is just Dragon Ball, anyone who doesn’t like Dragon Ball got issues. There’s Chaos Dragon, Shimoneta (this show might be a bit crazy), Ranpo Kidan which looks like it might be a favorite for me, Rokka no Yuusha, Gangsta, Gate, Wagnaria and a host of others. The old and the new shows are having a strong showings. When the week is up, I guess I’ll post my thoughts on all of these and if I’ll be watching but it looks like I might have a long list to watch.

I was right, I do have a long list I’ll be watching, the list of shows is ridiculous. They really stepped it up this time. Check out my preview.

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