Bastard!! Yes, I just watched it because I thought it would be funny if someone asked me what I was watching.

Friend: Hey what were you watching
Me: Bastard!!
Friend: Dude, I just asked what you were watching.
Me: Bastard!!

Anyway, Bastard!! This one is an older one so I hope you’re not expecting slick presentation and all that. Back in it’s day, this would probably have been near the top of the list. Like a Flash Gordon, He-Man, etc. If it came out when those did then it would fit right in.

Bastard!! is an over the top, fantasy adventure that was rammed into 6 episodes. The story revolves around Dark Schneider (yes that lame name is real). The issue with that is that Dark Schneider is trapped inside the body of a young boy and he can only be released by a kiss. Technically they imply that it needs to be more than a kiss and I wonder if the version I watched was censored to a degree. It had nudity but no sex scenes and a few places online said there were actual sex scenes though it may have been people overplaying what was on the screen.

By today’s standards this would probably be a bad show but for it’s time it would have been great. Imagine sitting there in the 90s with all the lame shows that were on. The anime that you couldn’t really see because anime wasn’t too big here in the US yet. Everything was good for 90s standards but today it wouldn’t work. If they retooled this show then I think it would work well.

Looks like someone at Anime Network agrees with me on Bastard!! and thinks it should be remade like Ushio and Tora was, which is airing now with the new summer animes. Though I’m not sure I agree with their take on the amount of censoring needed. To me it seemed like any other ecchi except for a few scenes which might push the envelope.


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