Working! and Working!! (Wagnaria! and Wagnaria!!)

I’m actually not sure how I came across this show. It was probably one of the ones I clicked on when I was going through Crunchyroll. I clicked a bunch of them when I first had Crunchyroll on my OUYA instead of watching on my laptop.

Working! starts off with little Popura (REALLY little) searching for a new employee for the restaurant. She bumps into Sota in the street and tries to recruit him. Sota has a fetish for small, cute things so Popura really didn’t have a hard sell or anything. Sota quickly acclimates himself to working at Wagnaria and the adventure begins.

The cast of characters in Working! are not the brightest but it’s their quirks that makes the show work. Sota is probably the most “normal” though he comes from a family that kind of weird. Popura is a runt, who can’t get Sota’s last name right. Yachiyo is subserviant to the manager and always feeding her and talking about her. Imani is afraid of men and always pummels Sota and there are several more who add to the comedy.

Since Working! is a workplace comedy, there isn’t the need for fancy backgrounds and all that. The main focus is on the personalities and interactions but it doesn’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth from looking at poor art or hearing bad music. Everything is done nicely to fit the show

Working! is my favorite of the workplace comedies that I’ve seen. The same guy behind Servant x Service is the one behind Working and Season 3 of Working!!! is about to begin. If you want some mindless, workplace comedy then I recommend Working!.



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