Corpse Party: Tortured Souls -The Curse of Tortured Souls (Kōpusu Pātī Tortured Souls: Bōgyaku Sareta Tamashii no Jukyō)

Corpse Party is a show I plucked off Twitter. Someone said it was their anime of the day and with a name like that, you know I had to check it out.

This show has a moe factor at first, the art makes it look like that’s what it’s going to be but that changes quickly. The class is gathered together for a end of year gathering, which turns out to also be a going away gathering since one of the friends is leaving. They perform what they think if a friendship bonding ceremony and end up being transported to a very dark situation. One that will change them all forever.

There are enough characters in the show but you don’t get much time to get to know them. This isn’t the type of show for that anyway. As you know, horror shows only allow for a few characters to survive so you should probably prepare for your favorite character to die, I know mine did.

Nothing can prepare you for the gore and guts in this one. Usually you have someone get cut ot something to be killed but you don’t see their innards. The art is very graphic and the sounds from the cuttings and bashings are pretty brutal. This show really has it all together.

I really liked this one though it’s a short series of shows. You have 4 episodes and an OVA or you can pretty much call the whole thing an OVA since it’s based off the games and manga. If you’re looking for blood, guts and gore, this should satisfy you. I went in with no expectations or reviews and I was pleasantly surprised.

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