Kill Me Baby (Kiru Mī Beibē)

Kill Me Baby was a 4 panel manga that gained a little popularity and began serialization in 2009, with the anime adaptation in 2012. It was really a random pick for me. I saw the name and though either it would be funny or have a lot of fighting. I didn’t know anything about it before I placed it in my queue to watch.

Yasuna is the main character of the show, she’s a not so bright character who is always trying to befriend Sonya. She pretty much proclaims she’s Sonya’s friend but Sonya is always rejecting her. The show is mainly about school life but there are a few outside encounters. These two really are funny on their own and don’t need the rest of the characters but they just add to the fun. It’s a lot of gag humor and going through normal school life with an assassin and a ninja as your friends.

Yasuna is a simple high school girl, emphasis on simple. She’s Sonya’s self proclaimed friend and always trying to get Sonya to be friendlier. She takes all the physical abuse from Sonya and keeps smiling. It isn’t intended by Sonya but when she comes up from behind her, it’s pain time. Sonya the assassin is seen as cold and takes her job seriously. They gave her character a flaw which makes her more endearing, she is afraid of several things including domestic dogs. These two together probably could have been the whole show but there’s also Agiri. Agiri’s voice alone kind of sets you up for a laugh. She’s a ninja from the same agency as Sonya and she always has them believing everything she does is a secret ninja art. She’s that character that pops up out of nowhere and provides comedy relief. There is a 4th character who is actually named Unused Character. She was supposed to be Yasuna but Yasuna stole her personality and she vows revenge on Yasuna and Sonya for taking her spot.

The show doesn’t have a spectacular, flashy intro or anything like that. The art is just play. The opening music is just as silly as the show. The ending credits has the two main characters doing some weird dance that I’m not even sure what to call it. While these things may not be flashy or done in great detail, they blend well together. The English and Japanese versions are pretty equivalent but for me, the English voices put it over the top.

Most people would write it off as a typical school show but I found it to be pretty funny. While it’s mostly silly slapstick type humor, the show had me laughing. If you’re just looking for a laugh, this show will provide it.


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