Time of Eve (Ivu no Jikan)

Time of Eve was a show that I found by accident. I was searching for something else and then I saw the cover image at the bottom of the page as something that might interest me. I added it to my list and since it was short, I jumped it past the rest of my backlog.

The story takes place in the not too distant future and androids have become a part of everyday life. They co-exist and live with humans like in I, Robot. Also, like in I, Robot, Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics are intact and drive the main and subplots of this story. Rikou notices his android seems to be acting a bit differently and he follows her whereabouts with his friend and they come across a bar where androids are allowed to interact freely without indicating to others that they’re androids.

Rikuo is the main protagonist of this story, he’s a very oblivious teen until things start moving. His friend Masaki actually has a strong hatred for androids due to an event that happened in his childhood, this event will be the catalyst for a lot of Masaki’s actions in the future. You don’t get a lot of character development due to the short nature of the show but you do get to meet Akiko, a young, friendly, talkative girl and a barista named Nagi who is also a central figure to the story.

The show has nice art, sound and very good direction. You have the overarching plot and each episode has a mini sub plot to itself, based on each of the characters at the bar. They really did do a nice job with the show even if it feels incomplete due to length.

I think it’s a nice little show but as everyone knows, science fiction stuff is one of my biggest interests. They did a nice job on the show and I wish there was more so they could expand on the story. You should watch the movie vs episodes since there are a few more scenes added and it’ll seem less choppy since the episodes are self contained little stories.


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