Gatchaman Crowds (Gatchaman Kurauzu)

I went back to find Gatchaman Crowds because the summer season brought us Gatchaman Crowds Insight. The first episode left me with a lot of questions so I had to go back and get some answers.

Gatchaman Crowds takes place in a city called Tachikawa, a “second metropolis” of Tokyo. The city is protected by a group known as Gatchamen. The show starts with a new Gatchaman being anointed and it isn’t long before they come across their first big time enemy, Berg Katze. It’s hard to describe Berg Katze but he’s an alien bent on destroying the Earth (aren’t they all).

The show ends up being a lot more about Hajime, the new member, than the Gatchamen. She’s a character that I can see rubbing people the wrong way. She’s energetic, cheerful, bright, colorful amongst a team that really isn’t, and she talks a lot. A LOT. The other characters really pale in comparison and don’t stand out too much except for O.D. a very flambouyant character and Utsutsu Miya who’s catchphrase is “I’m gloomy” which is supposed to be a pun on her name. Each of the members of the group seems to have something that holds them back from interacting with regular people,  which in most cases are social issues.

This is a show that definitely has color, vibrant colors. The production value is decent but they try to keep things simple. The plotline after the alien stuff becomes political which I didn’t expect. It’s definitely a different take on things. Besides that, everything seemed ordinary about the show, nothing that stood out.

I had no expectations going in but when the show started, expectations started to ramp up. I was expecting more action, more fighting, etc. While there isn’t a ton of it, there is some. When you think of a team of heroes, you think of more ass kicking. It’s different. I’m not truly sure how to feel about it but this is my score for now. I reserve the right to change it later.



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