My First Oni Press Rejection Letter

So Oni Press rejected my pitch for Astra Etherium: Adventures of a Space Bounty Hunter in Space. What to do… It’s already in the format Dark Horse wants, I just need to change a few words for captions and stuff like that. Maybe Dark Horse or someone else is a better fit anyway. Still waiting to hear back on Dodge Battle High. Since I’m not expecting a positive response, I’ve already started setting up the things I need for Kickstarter. Going to get some sample pages together and I found an artist I want to work with so Dodge Battle High may be coming whether it’s with Oni Press or not. If it’s not with Oni then I guess Killswitch has to get on the grind.

Maybe it’s good that Astra Etherium was rejected. It gives me time to get the game wrapped up and out and then maybe I’ll already have an installed fanbase for it or at least I hope so anyway. I could end up with 1 person buying my game and everyone else using my picture as a dartboard. So I wait on Dodge Battle High’s acceptance or rejection but either way I’m pushing on with the book. Out of the first 675 or something like that, only 2 books made it to the big desk so I’m not holding out hope.


    1. Guess so. Maybe things will go well with the Dodge Battle High Kickstarter then I can go from there.

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