Labyrinth of Flames (Honoo no Labyrinth)

When I saw this the first time, I thought it was the worst show ever. I watched it again more recently and… well… at least it’s not Kite but it’s still not very good.

The story is centered on a geeky Russian kid who wants to be a real samurai. By watching his actions you would think it’s an impossible dream. Then one day, his friend Natsu gives him an ancient sword that was in the custody of her family. When she hands him the sword, all types of strange people and things start appearing to try to take the sword from him. Galan has to overcome his geeky wanting to be a samurai to nut up and really become one if he wants to keep his head.

Galan and some of the “bad guys” being Russian is one that you don’t see in many anime, not that it matters but it is a little different. Though Galan didn’t sound Russian at all like the woman he was fighting. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy who voices Brock in Pokemon, I need to look that up. They had the blonde country girl who usually represent the US in anime’s earlier years. While they tried to be a little different, it was pretty much what you expect from a bad ecchi wannabe. Even the voice acting was B movie level.

The show has ecchi as one of it’s tags because it’s panty shot after panty shot. Anyone who wasn’t dressed as a shrine maiden had their panties visible either because of a short skirt or getting their clothes ripped off. If you’re going to do that then why give them clothes at all? Why not have him fight naked ninjas? It just seemed redundant here because it’s like no panties were safe. If you’re going to be ecchi then fine, be ecchi but this show used it just to have a ton of panty shots. When the women spoke, panty shot. When the women fought, panty shot. The ending sequence for the 1st episode, is the women in poses that are supposed to be seductive but then for the 2nd episode…panty shots.

This show is pretty bad. I kept waiting to see if it got better but it seemed to get worse over time. If you want to see bad comedy and a show that is like 40% panty shots then this is your show.


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