Picked up a Ford Expedition

Yeah so I picked up one of these. Was a good deal so couldn’t pass it up. Unfortunately I cracked a torsion bar somehow and just waiting for a new part to get here. Already replacing suspension parts and whatnot because I don’t want it to ride like some fancy ass rich guy car. I want it to ride like an SUV is meant to ride.

There is some rust under it because it’s a 2000 and not religiously taken care of but I plan to rehab all that. Already started replacing some things and I want to sandblast it and do a full undercoat painting.  Pretty much planned to make it run like new and ride ’til the wheels fall off. Someone actually said something about getting a car for $10,000 and not having to do all that. Why would I do all that when for $2500 this thing will be on the road and driving like it’s brand new. I guess some people are rich and throw money around.

So yeah, adding another title to my list of growing jobs. General contractor, game developer, graphic novel writer, manga writer, mechanic and body repair. That’s probably leaving out a few things like appliance and TV repair which I have done recently. Fixed the oven for $15 and TV for $20. Better than paying $500 and $1000.

The pic is actually of another one but mine is just like it except different bumpers. I should actually take pics…

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