The Rolling Girls (Rōringu Gāruzu)

When I first heard about the show it was just blurbs and loglines and whoever did that marketing did a good job. They had me wanting to watch. After watching it…well read the rest of this post.

The premise of the story is that there was a “Great Tokyo War” which rocked Japan 10 years ago. All the political and economic power has vanished. Since this happened, each of the 10 prefectures split into independent “states” that compete with each other. Vigilantes from the war became known as “Best” and they represent their prefectures, then they have supporters that are called “Rest”, kind of like a mob. The Rest are supporters who help maintain peace.

After one of the Best battles, Masami is left badly injured. One of the Rest named Nozomi decides to travel Japan on motorcycle with her friends to fulfill requests, while they seek moonlight stones which can give it’s possessor unlimited power when it’s worn, especially by Bests. There is a cost though, these stones emit a powerful force which can cause major damage to their surroundings or even the people who use it.

It’s a bright, colorful show at the beginning but that seems to wear off after a few episodes. Don’t really have anything bad to say about the production. Moe shows are usually done well, especially those of recent vintage.

To me this was a major disappointment, the show is okay I guess for a moe show but when you talk about someone traveling the land on motorcycles, you expect big time action. The show doesn’t look bad or anything but it’s just not my thing. If you like moe shows then you will probably like this.


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