Hen Zemi (Abnormal Physiology Seminar)

Hen Zemi is a “unique” show. It deals with the perverse, and sometimes disgusting side of ‘intimate’ talk and acts. You will see a lot of weird things (well they were weird to me but maybe some of you do some of those things, just don’t tell me about it.)

Nanako Matsutaka is a college student who joins a club because a guy she likes is in that same club. What she finds is shocking to her and hopefully to the viewers (if some of the stuff isn’t shocking then you guys are hardcore and lead some ‘interesting’ lives.) It’s a club that does studies of abnormal sexual behaviors and abnormal is putting it lightly.

Nanako seems so normal, sweet and innocent going into this club and luckily she stays that way. This is a look from her that you’ll get used to.

Poor girl, she sees things that I’m glad I don’t see. She is also subject to many of those things too. Would you believe something like this could be part of some perverse thoughts and an experiment? Well poor Nanako didn’t either.

The odd thing about the show is that most of the characters in the club are not experienced at all which leads to some awkward situations. Nanako is just not perverse and assume she is also inexperienced. Others will show their inexperience too though they come off as people who have knowledge.

I’m going to assume it was part of the wave of shows pushing limits or showing that you can be perverse without being hentai. The reason for the wave is probably the Youth Ordinance Bill (yes it’s real and not just made up for Shimoneta.) You see a lot of shows that really push the limits these days without going into the hentai realm. I’m curious to see where some of these go like Shimoneta, Prison School, etc. Then you have Swing Out Sisters which is straight up hentai, which I found out too late.

It is a well put together show for what it is. From beginning to end I didn’t find any big issues with it. Even the women look like women and not lolis or stick figures. Though the thing with no one having a nose is a bit weird. The women seem to have an innocent look to them, even the one freaky one. Not sure what to attribute that too, maybe it’s the soft art style used for them. The characters look real in this one, like regular everyday people in any country on the planet.

This show is very awkward to explain without detail but if I give detail then I gives things away since it’s a bunch of 10 minute episodes and not full shows. It will take you about 2 hours to watch from start to end so about the time of a movie. You will get a few laughs but also a few headturns and WTF moments. I wouldn’t recommend the show but it won’t take too much of your time if you decide to watch it.


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