So you’re in love with a girl and a beautiful alien girl crash lands on your planet and decides you’re going to be her husband. What do you do? Rito has that same exact situation happen to him.

Rito leads an ordinary high school kid life. Goes to class, lusts after some girl that he’s too shy to talk to, the usual high school stuff. Then when he finally gets ready to nut up and talk to her, an alien girl crashes the party. Lala is in a prearranged marriage situation and she ran away before it could take place. The would be husbands do try to get her back, along with her overprotective brother, and her maniacal father who is ‘king of the universe’ and that’s where all the craziness begins. Rito goes from a boy trying to talk to one girl, to having one he wants to talk to and one he has to try to save and protect from random space aliens, killer plants and more.

Lala is a genius when it comes to scholastic stuff but she has no common sense. That comes with being an alien but even after that, she doesn’t learn sometimes. That’s part of her charm. At first I thought she was dumb as a sack of rocks but she grew on me after a while. Even though her antics cause a lot of trouble, she’s a very sweet character and you kind of end up rooting for her. While Rito is just an average high school kid who lives with his kid  sister Mikan, until Lala ends up living with them too. Mikan is the mother figure in this show, she cooks and cleans and does all the housework and looks after Rito.

The show is an ecchi show so expect the usual ecchiness. Every place that I’ve seen the show is censored so some of the more risque scenes will be covered. Though I don’t think they overdo that part. In terms of art, music and other aspects, the show is very clean. If you find any faults then let me know because I didn’t see anything that stands out.

A decent little show about a kid trying to save a girl. Yes, most shows are boy saves girl but when the girl is an alien and has her family putting the boy through trials and other aliens trying to win the girl’s heart, it gets to be an entertaining ride. While the show isn’t a masterpiece, it’s a decent show. If you watch the series then this is the first stop, next is Motto To LOVE Ru.


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