Motto To LOVE Ru

Did you want more Lala? Well you got more Lala and a bunch of others too.

Motto to LOVE Ru is the second series in the To LOVE Ru line and introduction to a few more characters including Lala’s family members. This is a different take than the first series. The first series had Rito risking his life to save Lala but here, Lala is part of his everyday life. The new characters also become a part of his life. Don’t worry, Rito is still running for his life but this time it’s not potential suitors of Lala, it’s a killing machine known as Golden Darkness.

Lala isn’t the only alien this time around. Her sisters Nana and Momo are here and they seem much more mentally mature than Lala. They’re kind of the main focus here. You already know Lala so they’re trying to introduce her sisters who will become integral parts of the series and other characters like Golden Darkness who wants to kill Rito. You also get more of the human females too so they’re not left out.

One thing you’ll notice is that the episodes are broken up into sections instead of one consistent episode. One part could be about Lala then the next about Sarenji. Of course Rito is in most of them since he is technically the star of the show even if we all watch for Lala and her goofy antics.

The only thing I can say is if you watched the first one then you’ll want to watch this one, To LOVE Ru Darkness and obviously the current season To LOVE Ru Darkness 2nd. I can’t say it’s bad bcause it’s not bad like some other shows but there is nothing that would get someone who hasn’t been watching the series.


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